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Ten things to do in Athens with children that don’t involve old rocks

Traveling with children should be a fun experience, but all too often parents forget that kids don’t always like the same things we like, or that they don’t always move at the same pace as the grown-ups move. There’s alot of archeology in Greece, and you have traveled far to see it. But to your kids, (and to some adults) after awhile all those ruins look the same. A common trip to Greece includes a quick stop in Athens to admire the Parthenon, followed by a whirl through Plaka and then a race to the port for the ferry to Mykonos and Santorini...

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Open Walks in Athens: 18 museums with free admission

OpenWalkAthens 4 Free Museums in Athens Sunday, November 2 11:00 AM -4:00 PM Come and discover the wealth that hide small museums in the city: 18 Museums Guided tours, interactive exhibits, screenings video, activities for children and families, educational programs, personal narrative experiences, workshops Free entry to all museums OpenWalkAthens (OWA) : an open promenade that invites Athenians to experience aspects of the city, its history and its people. This is the 4th Open Walk Athens, and this one highlights all of those ‘little museums’ that you may pass by on a daily basis but didn’t even know existed! So, this Sunday, November 2 from 11 am to 4 pm, 18 museums will open their doors and lead us to their treasures. Included are historic sites like the Mosque in Monastiraki, and freshly opened places like the Museum of Greek Gastronomy in Psyrri, take a ride on an authentic Athenian neighborhood in the mid-20th century, learn firsthand about life on the islands political exiles. An open conversation with mathematicians, historians, artists, artisans, folklorists, play with interactive exhibits, the Jewish religion and traditions, how to make the famous figure of Shadows.Forgotten watermills, unique jewelry, rare minerals, ceramics, fine textiles, manuscripts, paintings, musical instruments, paintings and three-dimensional works of children, rare scientific instruments and the banner of the first University of Greece waiting for you to discover different worlds. And all these old mansions, neoclassical buildings...

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August full moon activities in Athens (& beyond)

The August full moon is always a special time in Greece, and 2013 will be no exception.  Already announced are concerts on Philopapou Hill and at Ancient Elefsina, and several other events are in the works which are still to be announced (this is still Greece, after all, where advanced planning is not too popular!)  But, if you youself have already planned to be in Greece on August 21 – be sure to leave the evening open for something special and unique. If previous years are an example, least 70 archaeological sites and other sites of interest – spaces,...

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Athens World Music Festival

The «Athens World Music Festival», organized for the second consecutive year, from 15 to 19 July 2013, the City of Athens Technopolis. Under the special theme titled “PIIGS” artists from 5 European countries, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain-branded as the last year for budgetary debt, show the great musical wealth of their countries. The “PIIGS” will have the opportunity to show how culture and music is an important pillar of both European and world music and cultural tradition. This year’s participants: Portugal (Andre Maia Band, Cristina Branco), Italy (Encardia, Nueva Compania di Canto Popolare), Ireland (Realta, Altan), Greece (Kristi Stasinopoulou & Stathis Kalyviotis “Greekadelia”, Mario), Spain (Xarnege, Lenacay). Artistic Director: Maria Strofalis Program: • Monday, July 15th – Portugal Andre Maia Band The Andre Maia Band adapts and plays Fados and music from Portugal. The Fado is the expression of the Portuguese soul. The sense of mystery and melancholy of this music was born in Lisbon (Portugal), are the elements that ensure Fado in a prominent position on the so-called “World Music”. The Andre Maia Band are the André Maia: singing, Zaitidou Effi: kanun, Xenia Tseligas: bayan (accordion orchestra), Alexander Kapsokavadis: guitar / lute, Kostas Stavropoulos: contrabass. Cristina Branco The voice of Christina Branco is taxidiariki. Just feel ‘complacency’, ‘puts bow to other ports “to find” new skin »• new skin and saying mean young street musicians, new musical concepts, new...

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Ep’ Avli, neo-classical gem

  Most People visiting Athens Old Olympic Stadium never venture up the narrow staircase to the far left of the Stadium (as you face it). It’s a shame, since those who do will be rewarded with the chance to walk along one of my favorite hidden streets in Athens. The path that starts when you reach the top of the stairs offers an interesting tour through Athens architectural history:  Here a quintessentially Greek Cycladic home exists adjacent to post war multi-family 2 flats, elegant 80’s buildings neighbor charming neo-classical single family homes (there’s even a Cat house – ruled by a large orange and white Tabby).  The road isn’t too long, as it dead ends at Archimidous street and it’s here you’ll find a beautifully restored neoclassical home that now houses the Greek restaurant, Ep Avli. Whether you dine inside one of the former homes’ parlors or on the terrace roof garden, a meal here usually starts with a complimentary meze, perhaps a homemade lentil salad or a Before you order they serve a small treat, usually a salad with lentil which is absolutely tasteful and suitable as a starter. Then I would suggest you order one of the handmade pies and the tenderloin with katiki (a soft cheese) and dried tomatoes, it is my favorite! All the dishes and appetizers are tasty and valued for money. The service is very...

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