Bike around Athens, Sunday October 21

As a Chicagoan transplanted to Athens, I often miss the bike routes and paths of the Windy City, where even our mayor has been rumored to bike to City Hall on brisk autumn mornings. Envious of the images of the bicycle racers speeding in front of Syntagma Square during the 2004 Olympic Games, I always assumed my chance to pedal my way through history was gone when I gave up training for the Tour de France (a training period which lasted about 45 minutes!) Imagine my excitement this morning when Basil appeared with a flyer announcing “Bike Around Athens” – a 7.2 km ride through downtown, starting near Omonia Square, Plateai Kotsia, across from City Hall, to be exact, passing through Syntagma Square (and thus helping me fulfill my fantasy of pedaling past the Evzones!) and circling around the National Gardens past the Old Olympic Stadium. He’s signing us up right now, having located rental bikes from Vasili at Acropolis Bikes ( The bike route is posted on the ONA website, and here

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  1. Athens News say: “Hop on your bicycle (or tricycle) and join hundreds of others in Athens’ 2007 annual cycle tour on October 21. […] All participants will be issued a certificate.”

    See you there!

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