Winter visitors to Athens not only get to explore the sites with a few less busloads of tourists, they also have the opportunity to save a few Euros on admission to many of the city’s best archeological sites. Beginning November 1 and until March 31, Sundays are free at all Ministry of Culture archeological sites and their accompanying museums.

The rest of the year offers limited opportunity for free days, but they do exist. Any site or museum open on a Greek national holiday offers free admission on these days, however it is important to remember that things change fast and frequently in Greece, so this list is subject to change.

January 1st New Year’s Day on

January 6th Epiphany on

March 25th Greek Independence Day

May 1st May Day

August 15th Feast of the Assumption – Feast Day of the Virgin Mary

October 28th “OXI Day”

December 25th Christmas

The following holidays, the dates of which change annually:

Kathara Defteri, or Clean Monday, the beginning of Lent

Good Friday

Greek Orthodox Easter

Monday and Tuesday following Greek Easter

The above dates change each year, and some museums and sites are actually closed on these holidays, so it is a good idea to check before going.

In addition, many sites are closed on Mondays, and most sites close fairly early, often by 3pm in the afternoon.

Other Free Days:

March 6th – in memory of actress and Minister of Culture Melina Mercouri.

April 18th – as part of International Monuments Day.

May 18th – as part of International Museums Day.

June 5th – to commemorate International Environment Day

September27th, International Tourism Day

The last weekend of September annually (European Heritage Days)

The first Sunday of every month, except for July, August and September (when the first Sunday is holiday, then the second is the free admission day.)

Full Moon in August – Many sites are open at night for the full moon this month, making this evening a romantic’s (and a photographer’s) dream as the bright moonlight illuminates the ancient marble. The actual day will be announced.