Zeidoron – Food is life’s gift at this Psirri eatery

10 Taki and Agion Anargiron 210 321-5368 

We stumbled upon Zeidoron one sunny autumn afternoon while exploring Psirri when Carole’s parents were visiting from Chicago. Knowing that Psirri restaurants are often excuses to operate until the wee hours as a club, we had about given up on finding anything really surprising in the neighborhood (that doesn’t mean the other restaurants aren’t good, but in this trendy and gritty club district, they come and go frequently and as self proclaimed foodies, we are constantly in search of the really unique. It’s been years since our first visit on that sunny day, and Zeidoron has been around for over 10 years now).

Drawn in by the meaning of the name, life giving, (“zei” which means life, and “dora” which means gift) and the beautiful placemats, we were definitely happy with the gifts we received as the food arrived.  We recommend the most perfect braised pork, a common menu item, simmered in an uncommon lovely peppercorn, rosemary and wine sauce,  crispy zuchinni fritters (kolokythokeftedes) and chickpea fritters (revithokeftedes – think falafel meats latkes) and a wonderful baked eggplant in a fresh tomato salsa with feta and tiny onions. A hint of “politiki cuzina” (from Asia Minor) in the spicy baked feta with red pepper.  Their creamy fava, one of many dips and spreads on the menu, went well with the Plomari ouzo we chose to go with our meal.

There are tables on both sides of the street in front of the restaurant, and the cozy dining room inside is a great winter spot.