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August 2008

Eastern flavors of Asia Minor on the Eastern Edge of Athens

To eat food without understanding its origin is like having food without flavor! At the foot of Mount Ymittos, there is a neighborhood called Kaisariani. It is at the eastern…

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September and October Acropolis Concerts and Performances Announced

“Theeeeiiir back!!!!!” My husband groaned as the sounds of cars started to fill the streets of Athens last week. Yes, summer is over and the “eisodus” or the return to…

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Yorgos Dalaras in Concert under the Acropolis

Title: Yorgos Dalaras in Concert under the AcropolisLocation: The Theater at the Herodiun Under the AcropolisDescription: George Dalaras sings songs by Stavros Kougioumtzis along with Kostas Makedonas, Babis Stokas, Melina…

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Ute Lemper in concert under the Acropolis

Title: Ute Lemper in concertLocation: The Theater at the Herodiun Under the AcropolisDescription: Singer and dancer Ute Lemper performs cabaret and musical classics under the Acropolis. Tickets 100 euro, 80…

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Maps of Greece

This blog is about exploring real Greece. Oftentimes we’ll visit places that may in fact be located within the most commonly touristed areas, but they don’t appear in most guidebooks…

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Goulandris Natural History Museum

GOULANDRIS MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY 13 Levidou street, 145 62 Kifissia Office: 210 8015870 Fax: 210 8080674 SCHOOL VISITS Organisers must book in advance the day and time of their…

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