September and October Acropolis Concerts and Performances Announced

“Theeeeiiir back!!!!!” My husband groaned as the sounds of cars started to fill the streets of Athens last week. Yes, summer is over and the “eisodus” or the return to Athens, has begun. By tomorrow, September 1, 2008, the return will be complete and Monday morning will be a work day for most of Athens, the streets and metro trains filled with Athenians going about their daily lives. And while I mourn the loss of the quiet streets, the plethora of parking spaces and the passing of my ability to ride my bike down the streets of Athens, I am excited about the publishing of the next series of concerts and performances in the theater under the Acropolis, the Herodion or the Irodion or the Theater of Herod Atticus … (three of the many names given the amazing venue at the foot of the Acropolis).
September marks the beginning of like as usual in Athens, and along with the thousands and thousands of returning everyday Athenians, the musicians also return! And that means the music returns to Athens before the days are too short, cool and rainy to enjoy their music under the stars. And so, check out our recently updated event calendar, where you’ll find listings for now only September and October 2008 under the Acropolis, but you’ll also find performances listed for the outdoor theater on Mount Lykavittos, the ECM Festival (one of my favorite Greek singers, Savinna Yannatou and her band Primavera en Saloniko will perform here in Athens before heading to Chicago (my hometown) to perform in our World Music Festival later this September, thankfully giving me TWO opportunities to catch her live).