Marinella, Remos and Gaitanos Perform at the Herodion – Oct 7 – 8, 2008

When Greeks talk about THE diva of Greek music, there can be no mistake that they are talking about legendary singer Marinella.  But for most visitors to Athens, the only chance one has to see her live is to venture out, in the wee hours of the night and early morning, to one of the lavish and expensive bouzoukia clubs along or just off Pireos Street or Syggrou Blvd or, for summer visitors, to head out to the clubs along the coast.  While it is certainly an experience to have a night out at one of these clubs, they aren’t for the faint of heart, the cigarette smoke intolerent or the budget friendly traveler. So visitors to Athens this October are in for a very special treat:  Marinella will perform at the theater under the Acropolis, the Herodion, performing the music of Cypriot composer Giorgos Theofanous’ “I sing for my island”. The music and songs are based on a collection of ancient, Byzantine and modern Cypriot literative, to which Theofanous has composed the score.

If you’re reading about this concert too late, we did attend and though videographers we are not, it was a beautiful night. The sky was completely clear, a bright half moon lit the theater as the lights went low, and a beautiful young girl, with an equally beautiful voice, appeared centerstage, under the arches of the ancient theater, and opened the show with the title song, I Sing for my Island, as giant screens on either side seemed to flow with the waters of the sea surrounding Cyprus and water nymphs, illuminated with glowing crowns danced on the stage before her. I was struck by the awesome staging of the concert, the dancers, and the sound of this little girls voice. There seemed to be no programs, so I still don’t know who she is, but by the time the title song was reprised as the show’s closing number I was sure that we will hear much more from this young singer in the future. Here’s a bit of her finale, as she, Gaitanos, Remos and Marinella, along with the rest of the cast, close the show.

[flickr video=2924253504]

If you aren’t familiar with Marinella’s voice, you can have a listen to Greece’s grand lady of song sing other genres here.

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Those who aren’t in Athens on October 7 or 8 can look into one of those clubs – Marinella will be performing, along with Yannis Parios beginning October 23 at Diogenis Studio, Leoforos Syggrou 259 & Amfitheas, in Athens.

3 thoughts on “Marinella, Remos and Gaitanos Perform at the Herodion – Oct 7 – 8, 2008”

  1. it’s an excelent show! i’m from romania and i don’t understand the texts, but the music, the coregrafy and all the show it’s fantastic! i understand the message only by the projections and by the dance. music is special and the singers are great! marinella special is a fantastic voice. i bought a lot of her cd and now, when i am back in my country i listen her with passion… i’m waiting to hear she with parios at diogenis studiou. can tell me somebody the shedule of the concerts, because i must take a fly and reserve the hotel (and tickets for show, too)? write me on please!
    congratulations for the show, again, and all the best from bucharest – romania!

  2. Diogenis Studio opens October 23, 2008. They have shows Thursday to Sunday. You don’t need tickets, but you can expect to pay €180 to €195 for a bottle of liquor, €100 for a bottle of wine (for 2 people) or €20 for a drink at the bar. Although I’m certain that they perform every weekend, I would double check with Diogenis Studio once you decide on your exact dates … just to be sure. Their number is +30 210/94.25.754.

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