Tango Fire

Title: Tango Fire
Location: Badminton Theater
Link out: Click here
Description: Imaginatively traditional tango with contemporary experimental dance creations.

Tango Fire has been characterized as an express train than never derails. Rapid fire dance movements, velvety steps and fresh choreography, dancer’s bodies swing and swirl, their legs cut and divide the air like machetes. Without abandoning the classical tango motifs, the dancers bring new life into the favorite dance of their country. Five dance couples along with an amazing orchestra, «Quatrotango», and one magnificent voice manage to set the theatre’s stage on fire!
21:00, Saturday 18/10 at 21:00 and Sunday 19/10 at 19:00
A 55 €
B 45 €
C 35 €
D 25 €
Student 15 €
Performance times and prices vary according to show date.
Tickets online at:
Start Date: 2008-10-15
End Date: 2008-10-20