A visit to Greece is special trip for any family, but if you are of Greek descent, the trip is especially symbolic.  Of course you are bringing your children to visit the homeland of their grandparents, and perhaps even your own birthplace.  Growing up in Chicago I had lots of friends who were Greek born, but whose parents had settled down in America. Greece was the summer place, the place they and their families went for a month or two, visiting the “horio” (the village), perhaps passing the days with yiayia (grandma), playing at the beach with their “summertime friends”.  This tradition continues today, as my friends, now parents themselves, bring their own children back to the horio for a visit with the relatives.  But what I find interesting about this tradition is that as children my friends passed through Athens, few ever stayed to explore the city.  Now, as adults, they’ve altered that –  combining the trip to the village with travels elsewhere in the country, and more often than not – at least a few days in Athens. 

Of course, they’ll plan on visiting the “musts”, but what a wonderful opportunity to be in your own country, to speak the language, and to really have an opportunity to discover the rich culture the city has to offer.  If you fit into this group, you’ve raised your kids as Greek speakers, and you’ll be visiting Athens soon, you and your family are in for a treat!  Aeroplio theater for children will open its production of “The Chest of Tales”, the story of two children, Filio and Aneta and what they discover in an old chest they’ve found in the attic.  Written for children, it chronicles the tale of their grandmother’s journey from Asia Minor to Greece.

Of course, the performance is in Greek.

Performance November 2nd – April 12, 2009 .. Every Sunday 11 & 3.00 

Phone: 210/86.56.004