Efstathia, at Ianos!

Title: Efstathia, at Ianos!
Location: Ianos Bookstore, Stadiou 24, Athens
Link out: Click here
Description: Singer, songwriter Efstathia, who lives, breathes and falls in love in Athens, performs for five weekends this fall in Athens at the Ianos bookstore on Stadiou. Don\’t be surprised if she has some special guests show up. The event, sponsored by Deftera Programma, should be simulcast at 103.7 fm, www.musicheaven.gr, 902fm and 902tv, but why not experience a bit of the local life and enjoy her performance life and in person! It\’s only 20 euro, which gets you a drink, too.
Here she is singing Horis Esena, a song you\’ll certainly hear on the radio if you are around Greece long enough:
Start Time: 22:30
Date: 2008-11-01