Cheap art in Athens, a unique holiday sale

Looking for a unique souvenirs from your trip to Athens? Do you cringe at walking through the streets of Plaka and the Flea Market, seeing store after store with the same hokey Acropolis pencil sharpeners and faux ceramic vessels?  How about something uniquely Greek, a one of a kind artistic creation by an Athenian artist?  If you’re visiting Athens in December, the Cheap Art exhibition should be on your list of places to visit.  This free annual gallery opening runs from December 8 through December 23, 2008, and promises a variety of artistic media, by some 250 different artists, all for sale.  The “cheap art” movement began as a way for up and coming artists to present work that was often considered to risque for traditional gallery exhibits. The exhibit is open daily from 5pm to 10pm in Excharia, Athens.  For more details on the organization, visit their website at

For more details you can reach them at 210.3825430, Fax: 210.3828222.
The exhibition space is located at Lontou 1 at Zoodoxou Pigis in Exarheia.