Christmas 2008 in Athens: The Fairy Tale Forest

Beginning December 20, 2008, the paths in and around the National Gardens will lead not to the peaceful green gardens so familar to locals, but to an enchanted forest of fairy tales. Young and young at heart should plan on a visit during the holiday season, where the gardens will host a variety of free, family fun activities including:

  • A Gingerbread House (ok, well in Greek it was a “Cookie” house, so I took some liberties with the translation!)
  • The Gingerbread men (yes, see above)
  • Come, let’s hear a story
  • The Wish Factory
  • The Snowman and the Girl
  • The Fairytale House
  • The Drummers Cottage
  • and more ….

Opening day, December 20, 2008, Carmen Rouggeri will read fairy tales – in Greek – for children. There will also be theatrical performances.

The Fairy Tale Forest will be open everyday from December 20, 2008 until January 6, 2009, from 10 am until 5 pm.

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