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Live Music, Club Lineups for Winter 2008-2009 in Athens

It's that time of year again, winter in Athens - my favorite time of all, since the theaters, clubs and concert halls have full schedules, and there is barely a…

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Mimis Plessas & Yorgos Xadjinasios, \”Let\’s Sing!\”

Title: Mimis Plessas & Yorgos Xadjinasios, "Let's Sing!"Location: Odisia, Iera Odos 22, Botanikos/GaziDescription: It\'s been 15 years since these two Greek composers have been seen on the Athens stage -…

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Celebrating 70 Years of Greek Radio (ERT) at the Zappeion

The National Radio and Television group is celebrating 70 years of broadcasting in Greece with a exhibition along with a series of live concerts at the Zappeion. The exhibition runs…

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