Mimis Plessas & Yorgos Xadjinasios, \”Let\’s Sing!\”

Title: Mimis Plessas & Yorgos Xadjinasios, “Let’s Sing!”
Location: Odisia, Iera Odos 22, Botanikos/Gazi
Description: It\’s been 15 years since these two Greek composers have been seen on the Athens stage – so visitors to Athens in January and February are in for a rare musical treat! These two beloved Greek musicians, along with two pianos, will pay tribute to music from the movies, as well as singing many old favorites. And in true Greek fashion, they\’ll most certainly be accompanied by the audience!

Shows weekends from December 21, 2008 until the end of February.
Call +302103463308 for ticket information or email them at odis_ia@yahoo.gr.
Start Date: 2009-01-02
End Date: 2009-01-04