2009 Maria Callas Memorial Concert at Megaron Music Hall

Callas2009 Maria Callas Memorial Concert, held annually in Athens in memory of the Greek diva, will feature winners of the past Maria Callas Grand Prix competitions. The 2009 concert, to be held on September 16, 2009 at the Athens Music Hall (Megao Mousiki or Megaron Mousikis) will include the following singers:
Dinara Alieva, soprano, 2007 winner
Vardhui Khachartryan, mezzo soprano, 2001 winner
Jaesig Lee, baritone, 2009 winner
Jung-Hyun Moon, bariton, 2007 winner
Miltos Logiades will conduct the Orchestra of Colors
Tickets: 20e, 33e, 45e,60e
Student tickets: 10e
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2 thoughts on “2009 Maria Callas Memorial Concert at Megaron Music Hall”

  1. Finally I find something for the Herod Atticus for Sept-Oct. We and another couple will only be in Athens for 3 days late sept. I see from your posting there is concert on Sept. 30th, however, no info is given vis-a-vis how to obtain tickets beforehand. We will be on a 12 days cruise prior and need to book tickets a.s.a.p. available.

    Please advise how this can be done. Thanks.

  2. Hi Madeleine

    I’m glad you found my Athens Event Calendar with the schedule for September and October in the Herodion theater. The September 30 concert tickets are not yet on sale. You can sign up for updates in the upper right hand corner of this site so that you’ll get an email when tickets go on sale.

    Or you can check this page, where I will update when tickets go on sale.



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