Breakfast in Greece: Alternatives to “Coffee and a Cigarette”

Greek breakfast and snack optionsWhat’s for breakfast in Greece?

Ask most any Greek, and the answer is easy: Coffee and a cigarette, of course!

Since that’s not the answer most people are looking for, we thought we’d do a Google search for “breakfast in Greece”. But the results weren’t much more promising to our North American diet.

“Breakfast isn’t a big meal in Greece. Most people start off with a quick bite that might include a roll or bread, or fresh fruit with yogurt.”
“Breakfast in Greece is not a big event. Most start off with bread and preserves, a savory or sweet pastry and fresh fruit often with …”

What’s for breakfast?” is not a question you’ll hear in many homes here in Greece”

Unless you are staying at an establishment that offers a full breakfast, your choices will be limited. Most hotels offer a breakfast bar option, with slices of cheese and perhaps some sort of sandwich meats, maybe one or two cereal choices, but that is usually about all. We recommend skipping it completely and heading out in search of something a bit more interesting. This can be lots of fun too. If you are in Athens, have a pita party .
Don’t worry about the seemingly “small” breakfast you’ll enjoy, or the fact that you might wander a bit before finding just the right pita, after all, you won’t be feeling too famished in the morning if you have followed the Greek dining habits, you just finished dinner at midnight. Select a variety of pitas and share. You don’t want to be weighed down with heavy eating before you make your excursion to the sites. Let your appetite build for lunch. That is the main meal in Greece.