Dimitris Mitropanos September 2009 at the Herodion at the Acropolis

Title: Dimitris Mitropanos in concert under the Acropolis
Location: Herod Atticus Theater under the Acropolis
Description: Dimitris Mitropanos in concert under the Acropolis
Date: 2009-09-10

September in Athens – my favorite month. The musicians return but the pleasant nights of summer haven’t yet left, so the outdoor theater season begins in earnest with a second wave of concerts under the Acropolis, the Vyrona Festival at the Melina Mercouri Theater of the Rock in nearby Vyrona (basically an extension of Athens in the shadow of Mount Imittos … a 5 – 7 euro taxi ride from Syntagma Square). Iliopolis has its own lineup, and Petropolis does too. But you don’t have to leave the city center in 2009 since the Herod Atticus Theater has a full schedule this year! There’s lots of great performers, but one of my favorites is Dimitris Mitropanos, who will be performing around the city in September and will be headlining at the Herodion on September 10, 2009.

This video was shot at the Old Olympic Stadium last year, it’s not mine – but I was there and I still get emotional now when I watch it. There is no way to describe what it feels like to be amongst this huge sea of people, everyone swaying to the music, singing, dancing, with nary an arguement or fight or a drunk or disorderly person in site. The concert at the Herodion will be much smaller than this Stadium concert, but the energy from Mitropanos and the audience will surely be as large.

There’s no need to understand the words as the audience joins in with Mitropanos, young and old alike know the words, and you’ll leave the theater forever changed (and certainly with a greater understanding of how I came to fall in love with Greece.)

You can order your tickets for the Mitropanos, “Songs of my life” show at the Herod Atticus Theater on September 10, 2009 online for this show at http://www.ticketservices.gr/ or you can purchase in person at the Public store in Syntagma Square.