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Herod Atticus Herodion theaterIt’s early August, my favorite time of the year as I anticipate my return to Athens, but more important, the announcement of the schedule of concerts and other performances at my favorite outdoor concert venues in and around Athens.
This year I am a bit early with my post, since thanks to some advance planning, the Greeks have actually announced the scheduled concerts already! The beautiful part of having the schedule so far in advance is that you still have time to catch a deal on plane fare from the US (or wherever you call home) to Athens for one of the many terrific lineups …. And the bonus? Unlike an American concert, where you get the opening act and the headliner – Greek concerts are often a large reunion of the biggest names in the music industry. Not one or two performers, but six or sixteen! Trust me when I promise you that you will not ever be disappointed attending a live, outdoor Greek concert.

So, without keeping you reading any longer, here’s the schedule of performers at the theater under the Acropolis, also known as the Herod Atticus Theater, the Herodion, the Herodio, the Odeion and just plain: the theater at the Acropolis –

** Update 8/21/09** Several announced concerts have apparently either not been confirmed or tickets have not gone on sale yet. Concerts with links to ticket sales are confirmed, those without, are not. I recommend subscribing to post updates as I will be updating this list as new information becomes available. (Like I have said many times … Greece is not a place about ‘advance planning’, so pour yourself an ouzo and relax, missing information will be forthcoming.)

September Concerts at the Herodion

September 3 Haris Alexiou (benefit concert for «Together for the Child» SOLD OUT
September 4 City of Athens Musical Concert (benefit concert «Greek Psychiatry Organization»)
September 5 Yannis Parios (benefit for the homeless of Athens)
September 7 Leonard Cohen **NOTE: 8/28/09 It seems to be canceled. Sign up for updates to the blog to be notified as soon as we know more about the concert and ticketing.
September 9 Anna Vissi (benefit for ΕΛΕΠΑΠ) **NOTE: 8/19/09 There is conflicting info on this concert, whether it will take place or not. Sign up for updates to the blog to be notified as soon as we know more about the concert and ticketing.
September 10 Dimitris Mitropanos Online Tickets
September 12 Yorgos Xatzinasios «Το Χρονικό της Αλώσεως» (benefit for the Greek school of Constantinopolis) Tickets online
September 13 Luz Kazal (Λουζ Καζάλ) Tickets online
September 15 Tatiana Papageorgiou, Agni Baltsa, Stavros Xarhakos (Philharmonic) Tickets online
September 17 Amnesty International Benefit Concert with Savvopoulos, Dalaras, Glykeria, Thalassinos, Ketime, Andronidis, Negkas **NOTE: 8/19/09 There is conflicting info on this concert, whether it will take place or not. It is most likely CANCELED. Sign up for updates to the blog to be notified as soon as we know more about the concert and ticketing.
September 19 Jose Carreras Tickets online
September 21 Paco Pena, Thanasis Palikandriotis, Dulce Pontes, FADOS – FLAMENCO – REMBETIKO Tickets
September 22 National Odeon «Smyrna, Sometime Ago» (Philharmonic) Tickets online
September 24 Vanessa Mae Tickets online
September 26 Stamatis Spanoudakis
September 28 «In the realm of the gypsy», flamenco tribute to Kosta Xatzi (Philharmonic ).
September 30 Εύα Κιούπικ and the Hellenic Orchestra

October Concerts at the Herodion

October 2 Eric Clapton *NOTE: 8/25/09 This concert has been CANCELED.
October 5 ΣΕΗ Musical tribute to Katrakis, Lempetis, Merkouri and Horn

By Athensguide

How does a little girl from Skokie, Illinois find herself in historical Athens, leading curious explorers through the winding streets of Plaka, down "pezodromos" to hidden ouzeries for tempting mezedhes and homemade barrel wine? The journey began more than twenty years ago, and regardless of whether the wanderlust comes from the spiritual and culture DNA flowing through my veins, or the alignment of the stars on that cold mid-December day this Sagitterian came into the world, I never seem to tire of exploring my adopted homeland of Greece. Here you'll join me as I explore Athens: be it the back streets of Psirri and Gazi, or through the National Gardens and Zappeio where a family of turtles makes their home, or down wide, treelined Imittou Street in Pagrati, which pulses with Athenian life 24 hours a day. And while Athens has stolen my heart, the rest of Greece vies for my curiousity and wanderlust. My two guys (that'd be the Greek God, Vasilis and our Greek dog, Scruffy) and I can often be found settling in for a long weekend in some charming mountain village, or a quaint fishing port on a nearby island, or learning how Greek vitners are producing wines that rival some of Napa Valley's finests productions, or celebrating a panayeri in Epirus or sharing in the festivities as a family of Cretan sheepherders come together to sheer their 1500 sheep in the spring ... And if you happen to find yourself heading to Athens, consider finding yourself a real home for your stay. Living amongst the locals, be it for 3 nights or 3 weeks, will offer you the chance to experience true Athens, beyond the Acropolis. Choose from one of our 5 beautiful penthouse and historical homes, and who knows, I may be leading you down that winding "pezodromo" to our favorite hidden ouzerie!

8 thoughts on “Herod Atticus Theater under the Acropolis – Sept Oct 2009 Program”
  1. Thanks so much for posting this – could you please let us know where to buy tickets? Are they (like most tickets in Athens) only available 3 weeks before the performance?

  2. Hi Cheryl

    The ticketing of these events is slightly different from the Athens Festival ticking. For the most part these tickets will be sold through – although they haven’t actually provided ticket information for all of the concerts yet – so as I get details I will continue to update this post (I’ve added links for those tickets which are now on sale).


  3. September 30 Εύα Κιούπικ and the Hellenic Orchestra…You are showing this event on your schedule above. Have any idea how one would get tickets for this event? Also what the cost of same are?

    Too bad we’ll be gone on Oct. 2 – would liked to have seen Eric Clapton. Oh well…another time.

    1. Hi Madeleine

      They haven’t started selling tickets for this event yet – as soon as they do I will post a link. You can keep checking or sign up for an RSS feed so you get notified when I update the calendar and the schedule for the Herod Atticus Theater.

      Or you can check this page, where I will update when tickets go on sale.

      Agree about Clapton – I think this is going to be a really special concert!

  4. Thanks for the info “athens guide”. I keep checking things every day. We leave Canada on Sept. 16 so hope the info is up by then.

  5. Eric’s concert in Athens has been cancelled!! :-(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  6. I have always wanted to go to a concert at the Acropolis Theater. I have been to Greece almost every summer and early fall. Its funny but you never hear about these concerts. I am glad i found this site.
    I really want to see a concert there, especially, Dallara, Alexiou and Pario. That would be fun.

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