Travel Insurance – Don’t miss the boat! (or the train, the plane, your bags….)

So it’s happened three times this summer – we’ve had a family miss their flight out of the UK because of car trouble en route to the airport. By the time they arrived they had not only missed the flight to Athens for their extended weekend break, but a last minute flight the next morning would have cost them 1000 euro extra for the family.
The call came in from an American woman I had helped to plan an amazing Greek odyssey for herself and her husband. It was a week before their arrival in Athens, and when I saw her name on the caller ID I had assumed it was some last minute planning questions. Instead she told me her husband had thrown out his back and was scheduled for surgery in the coming days, so Greece would have to be put on hold.
And the last cancellation, a Washington family of 5, parents and 3 children 11, 13, and 15 – trip cancellation because the father, a healthy and fit 50 year old, had a mild stroke and was now unable to fly for the immediate future.

Each of these families stood to loose a considerable amount of money they’d already paid for their holiday. This included their flights, lodging, ferry tickets and in one case several tour programs which were prepaid and non-refundable. Only one of the three families had purchased trip cancellation coverage. Their 65 euro trip cancellation premium allowed them to recover 2000 euro in non reimbursable vacation expenses.

No one plans to cancel their holiday.

You’ve worked hard all year for your holiday – unexpected events can and do occur that can alter your travel plans and leave your vacation investment at risk – Trip cancellation insurance is the smart way to protect that investment.

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Trip and Travel Cancellation Insurance for US residents

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