Vasilis Tsambropoulos at Fragma on Lake Marathon

TSAMBROPOULOSTitle: Vasilis Tsambropoulos in Marathon
Location: Fragma, Lake Marathon
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Description: On the edge of Lake Marathon, just outside of Athens, the Fragma presents Greek pianist and composer, Vasilis Tsambropoulos on Friday September 18, 2009 at 9 pm.
This is a beautiful area, about 40 minutes from the center Athens, and having escaped the recent fires, is the idyllic spot for an evening of classical and jazz improvisation by this well known composer.
Fragma restaurant and cafe also offers a complete Mediterranean dinner menu.

Tickets are available from:
Fragma, Lake Marathon, tel. 210 8143415, 6932 478767, [email protected],

Start Time: 21:00
Date: 2009-09-18