My three Greek loves

Don’t tell Basil, but if I ever leave him, it will be for yet another Greek man. The problem is, I’m torn, for three very special Athenian men have stolen my heart, and I’d be hard pressed to decide between them, for they are each special and unique, and my time with each leaves me looking forward to our next visit …

It’s been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but it’s not only men who have this weak spot, and thus, an Emperor’s namesake, a Greek God and an unlikely chef named for the crucifixion have each stolen a piece of my heart.
Read on to discover my three top picks for dining like a real Athenian.
The quintessential traditional taverna, with a great selection of always fresh fish and seafood
The Quick Greek, not your typical souvlaki stand,
Like being invited to a Greek home, remember “Cheers”? This is the place where everyone knows your name.