Photography in Greece

IMG_0121There’s a ton of sites out there that will tell you the best ways to shoot photos in Greece. The light in this country is rather special, even professional photographers and traveler photographers agree that there is nowhere on earth quite like it. Perhaps it is the color of the sea, the mountains and sky, perhaps it is just a blessing from the Greek gods, who knows? Whatever there reason, do a bit of searching around the internet and you are bound to get some great tips for shooting memorable photographs of your trip to Greece.
I’ve just got one important tip that will make your life 100% easier when you return from your Greek odyssey: If traveling with others, be they a spouse or partner, friends or other family members:
Be sure to set your camera date and time to the same time before you arrive in Athens. This will help you correlate all of the photographs you’ve taken. Don’t think it will be an easy task to redate the photographs after they have been taken. It is not. (I’ve just finally given up after months of sorting through tips on doing this, and thus, our amazing African Safari photos from Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda are all out of sync, making the task of choosing who had the best shot of a gorilla or hippo a very frustrating experience).

So best to do the smart thing:

Synchronize all cameras, video cameras, and other digital devices you’ll be using to shoot photos in Greece and you’ll have an easy and fun time reflecting on your newly created Greek memories after the trip is over.