Batteries, chargers and more in Athens

I think it has probably happened to more than one of us:  You’re packing for your trip, you are sure you’ve got everything, camera, check! cell phone, check! I-pod, check! Yet at the end of the second day in Athens you discover that your camera battery charger is …. sitting on your dresser back home.

You’ve got a whirlwind tour of the Greek islands planned, a night here, a night there, and in one of those here or there places you forgot your cell phone charger, oops!

I know these scenes from both ends, I arrived back in Athens last week to discover that Basil had forgotten to pack the charger for my new point and shoot camera … (yes, battery charging is his responsibility) and from the other side,  guests in our short term vacation rental apartments too often leave chargers behind, so many have been left that I’ve thought of opening my own cell phone and camera battery charger store.  Unfortunately, no one has left a charger that works with my new Lumix camera battery, so I headed into Syntagma to look for a charger for my camera.

My search led me to Plateia Karitsi (10 Karitsi Square), to Disios, AKA  This place is amazing, and they were able to locate my battery charger at their suburban store and have it waiting for me the next morning.

You can call them at 210/32 32 662, but they’ll probably tell you that you need to come in to see if they have a charger compatible with your camera.  And if you are an electronics Geek, a visit to their shop is worthwhile, they have a fine collection of car chargers, multi-use chargers, laptop batteries, adapters, flashlights and torches (including some fine pen sized LED flashlights, always handy to have when your traveling).