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Once more the city of Athens will be celebrating Carnival this February.

Carnival Season starts on Thursday, February 4, 2010 with Smoke Thursday dinners across the city.

Carnival is one of the most festive times to visit Athens, as the city has planned a full schedule of events designed to please young and old alike.

The basic elements of this year’s event programme, a collaboration of the City of Athens Cultural Organisation, Music Ensembles, Technopolis, Youth and Sport Organisation and School Welfare Department, comprise Smoke Thursday (Tsiknopempti), children’s events in the centre and region, youth-oriented events in central Athens locations and an extensive programme in the city centre and seven City Districts.

Events kick off traditionally on Smoke Thursday (Tsiknopempti), February 4, at 11:30, in the Varvakios Market with plenty of music and culinary treats, while the party will continue in the evening in Plaka and at the City of Athens Technopolis, where a retro party for senior citizens will be staged. From Smoke Thursday through to Clean Monday (Kathara Deftera), February 15, spirits will soar with a musical puzzle for all tastes, that includes Latin, jazz, pop, rock and plenty of Greek music to be performed morning and night in central city locations such as Syntagma Square, Thissio, Monastiraki, Psyrri, Kolonaki and Ermou St. The celebration will also take place in Athens neighbourhoods with concerts in City Districts. Additionally, two major youth-oriented parties will be held on Saturday, February 6, in Thissio, in collaboration with Athina Municipal Radio 9.84 FM, and, on Saturday, February 13, on Syntagma Square, in collaboration with radio station Athens Radio Dee Jay.

The City of Athens has utilized the Music Ensembles, which have presented excellent work over the years, in the best possible fashion. We will have the chance to enjoy the Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Choir, Big Band, Greek Music Workshop and band De Stijl as they perform in various locations throughout the city, as well as indoor venues, during this year’s Carnival celebration.

Children will have the time of their lives on two weekends during Carnival season. Firstly, Athens primary school students will be transformed into their beloved comic heroes and accompany floats with corresponding characters in a parade organized in collaboration with the City of Athens School Welfare Department, to be held Saturday, February 6, that will begin on the corner of Sygrou Ave & the Dionyssiou Areopagitou pedestrian walkway and conclude at the Thissio train station. A big surprise awaits them at the end of the course!

On Sunday, February 7, and the February 12-13 weekend, the party moves to the Zappeion, the classic Carnival destination for children, where a super-sized stage will host various events. The venue will be decorated Carnival-style, where floats, a Maypole, jugglers, stilt-walkers and a DJ playing a special music programme await youngsters. Balloons, masks and other items will be handed out to all children.

Additionally, the Youth and Sport Organisation has organized 10 children’s parties, to be held at the Municipality’s Cultural Centres, with the aim of giving children the opportunity to not only have fun but also communicate.

Finally, the City of Athens Philharmonic promises musical surprises for all city residents.

Carnival will conclude on Clean Monday (Kathara Deftera), February 15, with kite-flying accompanied by the traditional party featuring music and dance from throughout Greece, to be held at four city locations: Filopappou Hill (10:00), Akadimia Platonos (11:00), Lambraki Hill (11:00) and KAPAPS Woods (11:00).

For further information, call 210 3621601 or the Citizens Helpline 1595.

Event Programme

Smoke Thursday (Tsiknopempti), February 4

Varvakios Market, 11:30: Celebrate with traditional meat-based treats provided by the Butchers’ Association and Greek popular music performed by Yiorgos Vendouzas
Plaka: A musical stroll with the City of Athens Music Ensembles Choir.
Kaniggos Square, 17:30: Music by the Youth and Sport Organisation Youth Philharmonic
City of Athens Technopolis, 18:00: Musical evening for senior citizens: With Maria Kanellopoulou (Retro – Greek popular music)

Children’s events

Saturday, February 6, 11:00 – Carnival parade featuring children and floats, from corner of Dionyssiou Areopagitou pedestrian walkway and Sygrou Avenue to Thissio train station. Latin music concert at conclusion.
Sunday, February 7, Saturday, February 13 & Sunday, February 14, from 10:30 to 16:30 – Zappeion – Children’s programme featuring DJ, dance shows, floats, stilt-walkers, jugglers. Balloons, masks and streamers will be handed out.
Sunday, February 7: Puppet Theatre at the SOS Children’s Villages.

Music Events in the City Centre

Friday, February  5 /2010

Filomousou Eterias Square, 19:30 – Art song music by the group Ta Pitsirikia
Saturday February  6/2010

Thissio, 13:30 – Youth-oriented party in collaboration with Athina Municipal Radio 9.84 FM
Monastiraki, 20:00 – Greek popular music by the group Mousikes Diadromes
Sunday February 7/2010

Ermou pedestrian walkway, 12:00 – Disco music by Vicky B and the group Plastic People
Homeless Shelter, 12:00 – Greek popular music featuring E. Askimakis and G. Tendzerakis
Psyrri, 13:30 – Latin music by the group Culto la vita
Wednesday 10/2

Parnassos Literary Society Concert Hall (Agios Georgios Square, 8 Karytsi St), 20:00 – Young Soloists Evening, organized by City of Athens Music Ensembles
Thursday February 11/2010

Ermou St, Commercial Centre, 19:30 – Rock music by the group L.I.M.E
Friday February 12/2010

Syntagma Square, 18:00 – Concert featuring City of Athens Music Ensembles band De Stilj
National Opera foyer (59 Akadimias St), 18:00 – “Un Ballo… and something else”, Festive carnival concert featuring City of Athens Music Ensembles Chamber Orchestra in collaboration with the National Opera
Saturday February 13/2010

Kolonaki, 13:00 – Jazz concert featuring City of Athens Music Ensembles Big Band
Syntagma, 13:00 – Youth-oriented party in collaboration with radio station Athens Radio Dee Jay
Monastiraki, 18:00 – Concert featuring City of Athens Music Ensembles Greek Music Workshop
Sunday February 14/2010

Thissio, 11:30 – Art song and rock ballads by Crescendo the Band
Filomousou Eterias Square, 11:30 – Music by the Youth and Sport Organisation Youth Philharmonic
City of Athens Technopolis, 19:00 – “A piano and 14 voices”, a musical evening featuring young artists, in collaboration with 3rd City District
Monastiraki, 20:00 – Concert featuring Brazilian percussion band Samba… more samba

10 Children’s Carnival Parties – Youth and Sport Organisation (ONA)

Evelpidon Multi-purpose centre (19 Evelpidon St), Friday February 5/2010,  17:30
Ano Petralona Cultural Centre (164 Dimofondos St), Friday February 5/2 18:00
Vafiochorios Cultural Centre, Saturday February 6/2010,  10:00-17:00 (environmental)
Formionos Cultural Centre, Saturday February 6/2010,  11:00
Agios Eleftherios Multi-purpose centre,  February Saturday 6/2 16:0
Vafiochorios Cultural Centre, Sunday February 7/2010,  10:00-17:00 (environmental)
Kato Patissia Cultural Centre, Sunday February 7/2010, 17:30
Exarchia Cultural Centre (9 Tsamadou St), Monday February 8/2010,  17:00
Kato Petralona Cultural Centre (61 Athinodorou St), Wednesday 1February 10/2010,  18:00
Alexandras Ave Multi-purpose Centre (152 Alexandras Ave), Wednesday February 10/2010,  18:30

Music in various City locations

Thursday February 4/2010

City of Athens Multi-purpose centre (6a Timokreondos St, Neos Kosmos), 20:30 – Concert featuring Glykeria

Sunday 6/2 morning

Kato Patissia train station, 11:30 – Music by the Youth and Sport Organisation Youth Philharmonic
Sunday February 7/2010

Fokionos Negri St, 11:30 – Youth and Sport Organisation Youth Philharmonic

Monday February 8/2010

City of Athens Multi-purpose centre, 20:00 – “The Barber of Seville”, opera bouffe, by the City of Athens Music Ensembles
Petrino, Votanikos, 18:00 – Greek popular music by Irini Toubaki

Tuesday February 9/2010,  evening

Athinodorou Cultural Centre, 19:00 – Greek popular music by Alexandros Georgiadis
Grava Cultural Centre (Patissia), 18:00 – Greek popular music by the group Laiko Palko

Wednesday February 10/2010

City of Athens Multi-purpose centre, 20:30 – Carnival songs by Dionysios Lavragas Athens Choir
Sepolia Cultural Centre, 19:30 – Greek popular music by the group Drosia
Evelpidon Cultural Centre (Kypseli), 19:00 – Art song and Greek popular music by the group Mnistires

Friday February 12/2010

source – City of Athens

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