Kostas Makedonas & Yiota Negka at the Harama – Live Music Winter 2010


Kostas Makedonas & Yiota Negka at the Harama – Live Music Winter 2010

The Harama is one of those tucked away, you won’t find it unless you know it’s there kind of music venues.  I frequently walk my dog around the park where the club is located, and if it’s a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, and there is a performance, I am always stopped on the street by someone searching it out.  It’s not so easy to find, but as a throwback to another time and place, it’s a place worth seeking out.

The small bar/club/bouzoukia is housed in a whitewashed stone and cement Cycladic style building in the center of the Skopefterio Park, Kaisargianni, about 10 minutes by taxi from the Plaka/Syntagma Square area of the center.

It’s open Friday and Saturday nights, and though there is no cover, you’ll need to book a table, 210-76 69 742 or 210-76 64 869, and be prepared to order a bottle of whiskey for your group (€ 140 & 160) or a bottle of wine (€ 70).  Drinks start at € 15.  The shows at these types of clubs start late, so they aren’t always very conducive to the traveler/touring schedule, especially if you want an early start exploring the sites around the city. On the other hand, if you spent your last night at the bouzoukia, you can get back to your room in time to pick up your suitcase and head to the airport for a 6 AM flight!

For those of us who are beyond the days of pulling all nighters, the Harama is open on Sunday afternoons from 2:00, and there is a food menu, too, € 35/person.