The Mediterranean Diet Food Market in Pagrati

Interested in cooking Greek food? Not sure where to begin?  Here’s your chance to learn about legumes, a staple of the healthy Mediterranean diet.

The Mediterranean Food Market in Pagrati is hosting a Lent recipe cooking demonstration and tasting on Saturday March 27, 2010 beginning at noon.  Come and enjoy complimentary

• Fakes and rice salad (Σαλάτα με Φακές και Ρύζι)

• Grevenon Garbanzos with Spinach (Ρεβίθια Γρεβενών με Σπανάκι)

• Barley Salad  (Σαλάτα με Σιτάρι)

 Paired with a selection of white wines from Papagiannikos Winery.

Free admission

Chremonidou 6,  Pagrati , 210-75.66.006