Free Food and Wine tasting in Athens

The Mediterranean Diet Food Market in Pagrati

Interested in cooking Greek food? Not sure where to begin?  Here’s your chance to learn about legumes, a staple of the healthy Mediterranean diet.

The Mediterranean Food Market in Pagrati is hosting a Lent recipe cooking demonstration and tasting on Saturday March 27, 2010 beginning at noon.  Come and enjoy complimentary

• Fakes and rice salad (Σαλάτα με Φακές και Ρύζι)

• Grevenon Garbanzos with Spinach (Ρεβίθια Γρεβενών με Σπανάκι)

• Barley Salad  (Σαλάτα με Σιτάρι)

 Paired with a selection of white wines from Papagiannikos Winery.

Free admission

Chremonidou 6,  Pagrati , 210-75.66.006