Title: Foivos Delivorias & his Big Band
Location: Metro Music Stage

Foivos Delivorias is back for one last weekend with his «BIG BAND” …  the multi-talented Greek ballad singer (songerwriter) performs at the Metro Music Stage along with his band and 30 musical instruments (30 instruments, not 30 musicians!)

Musicians Stamatis Stamatakis and George Katsanos, accompany Delivorias on a variety of strange and not so strange musical instruments. The stage is so crowded with instruments there is barely space for Foivos, his piano and his guitar.

Rena Morfi joins the others as they present songs from Delivorias yet to be released newest album.
Address: Athens, Metro, Gkizi & Kalvou 83Tel. number: 210 – 6461980 

Start Date: 2010-03-12
Start Time: 22:30
End Date: 2010-03-13

Address: Athens, Metro, Gkizi & Kalvou 83

Tel. number: 210 – 6461980