Maria Farantouri, Elli Paspala & Savinou Yiannatou at the Pallas theatre

Last November, I wrote about a concert that had been anounced for December, which I would have to miss, since I was returning to Chicago for the holidays. Lucky for me, the concert featuring Maria Farantouri, Elli Paspala & Savinou Yiannatou was such a success, that not only did they’ve announced a third encoure performance – this one on March 18, 2010. (And this time, I am in Athens, so hopefully I’ll get tickets).

Join these three beautiful, unique voices on a magical journey around the world, beginning in Greece with music in the Byzantine tradition, to rebetika and laiko musiki, traveling onwards through the Balkans, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, arriving in North America with spiritual and gospel music and down into the Caribbean and Latin America.

The pianist Takis Farazis (Arrangement, Piano, Accordion) will join us on this journey, as will such talented musicians as David Lynch (Winds, Percussion), Thomas Constantine (Plucked String), George Kaloudis (Cello, Cretan lyra, Percussion), Dionysis Vervitsiotis (Violin), Peter Varthakouris (Bass), John Angelopoulos (drums).

Ticket prices: 20, 30, 35, 45, 50, 60 €. Box office hours: Monday to Saturday 9.00 – 20.00 and Sundays 12.00 -20.00. Credit card sales over the phone: 210 81 0 81 81. Internet reservations :