The Athens 1000 euro Treasure Hunt

June 5, 2010 – let the “X hunt” begin…. Embark on a frantic hunt through the ancient city of Athens and follow a twisted trail of clues and mysteries to locate a key which unlocks a secret box containing 1000 euros. The team from have created an exciting treasure hunt in and around the centre of the City on the afternoon of the 5th of June for a grand cash prize of 1000 euros. Participants will be required to solve a series of cryptic clues and challenges sending them around central Athens, searching, solving and seeking to grab the 1000 euros prize. The hunt is open to everyone and anyone who will be in Athens on the 5th of June, costs only 10 euros to enter and will be a great fun afternoon in the centre of the City. Whether you are a group of friends, single hunter,couple or family with kids the 1000 euros Athens X hunt will give you a unique opportunity to explore the City and use your hunter skills to win the grand prize. Why not get together a group of friends from your club, group or workplace to play together and share the grand prize. Don’t despair if you miss out on the grand prize as the next 20 hunters who successfully complete the quest will also receive an additional great fun prize. So, rise to the challenge on the 5th of June and do something totally different with your friends and family.

For complete details and to register, visit Expat Athens at