Marinella. The great Greek diva, live at the Pallas, Athens

Marinella. An icon of Greek music.

A model of femininity, Marinella paved the way for generations of women who came of age from the 1970’s and on, not only in the music world, but in the greater Greek world in general.

From the way she performs, the way she sings a song, the way she dresses and carries herself,  to the life choices she has made, Marinella is a sometimes revolutionary mode. She emancipated women from the kitchen, leading the way for women, for the first time in Greek culture,  to take center stage in the rembetika world.  And not only did she take the spotlight, a traditionally male place in the entertainment world, where women were relegated to the side, lending a soft, supportive note to the male dominated world of laika mouziki,  Marinella did so with class, beauty and strength, presenting herself as not only a beautiful, feminine and sexy woman, but as an equal. An thus, she became a symbol for women in the Greek culture.

Marinella, the Musical, tells the story of three women: The first two, creations of the writer’s imagination, the third, a real person. Irini, the first woman, comes from a village somewhere in Greece, while Maria, the second character, is a born and raised Athenian woman. The third woman is, of course, Marinella, she would was meant to be a myth. 

Marinella plays herself,  as she and the other cast members  tell stories of their lives through words, song and dance. Songs of adventure and love, songs of sadness and frustration.  Irini and Maria’s lives run parallel to Marinella’s rising career,  so her milestones are theirs.

Starring alongside Marinella (alphabetically): Anthony Loudaros, Evangelia Moumouri, Memos Mpegnis, Jenny Botsis alongs with a company of ten singers and dancers.

The project “Marinella – The Musical” by Thanassis Papathanasiou Michalis Reppas + directed by Stamatis Fasoulis. The sets are by George Gavalas, costumes by Dennis Vahlioti, the choreography by Dimitri Papazoglou and lighting by Lefteris Pavlopoulos.

The orchestrations are Priftis Alexios, who directs a seven-member orchestra.

The show returns to the Pallas Theater in September 2010 for TEN performances beginning September 29, 2010. The show runs for two weeks on WEDNESDAY , THURSDAY , FRIDAY, SATURDAY, and SUNDAY.

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