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Fifty eight galleries, 42 museums, 300 artists. All in ONE place! Now that is what I call a serious “gallery night”.   Of course we are talking about the 16th ART-ATHINA which takes place from May 13 to 16 at the indoor Tae Kwon Do Stadium in P. Faliro.


13 – 16 May 2010


Faliro Pavilion (TaeKwonDo), Hellenic Olympic Properties

2 Moraitini Str., 17561 Paleo Faliro

Opening hours:

Official opening: Thursday 13 May, 8 p.m. (by invitation only)

Friday 14 May – Sunday 16 May, 12 – 9 p.m.


General admission tickets: 10,00 €

Concessions: 5,00 € (children under 12, students, members of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece and people over the age of 65)

Despite the big international financial crisis, 58 galleries form 11 countries (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Turkey, USA) will participate this year as well, showcasing the work of more than 300 artists. The fair also presents 42 institutions related to contemporary art (museums, foundations, art publishers and media).

Among the Greek and foreign galleries, a lot have participated many times in the fair and others will be hosted for the first time, a fact that underlines the international profile of ART-ATHINA. The participating galleries are: (Athens, Greece), A.D. (Athens, Greece), Adam (London, UΚ), Agathi (Athens, Greece), AMP (Athens, Greece), Apotheke (Nicosia, Cyprus), Artbeat (Brussels, Belgium), Artis Causa (Thessaloniki, Greece), Artower Agora (Athens, Greece), Astrolavos (Athens, Greece), Basia Embiricos (Paris, France), Batagianni (Athens, Greece), Bernier / Eliades (Athens, Greece), Cardi Black Box (Milan, Italy), cheapart (Athens, Greece), Diatopos (Nicosia, Cyprus), ekfrasi – yianna grammatopoulou (Athens, Greece), Eleni Koroneou (Athens, Greece), Elika (Athens, Greece), Fabio Tiboni (Bologna, Italy), Federica Schiavo (Rome, Italy), Federico Bianchi (Milan, Italy), fizz (Athens, Greece), Gallery “7” (Athens, Greece), Gentili Apri (Berlin, Germany), habres (Vienna, Austria), Heinz-Martin Weigand (Ettlingen, Germany), Ikastikos Kiklos (Athens, Greece), Ileana Tounta (Athens, Greece), John Martin (London, UΚ), Kalfayan (Athens-Thessaloniki, Greece), Kaplanon 5 (Athens, Greece), K-art (Athens, Greece), Kouros (New York, USA), Lola Nikolaou (Thessaloniki, Greece), Loraini Alimantiri Gazonrouge (Athens, Greece), Medusa (Athens, Greece), Mihalarias Art (Athens, Greece), mirko mayer / m-projects (Cologne, Germany), Mirta Demare (Rotterdam, The Netherlands), Mulier Mulier (Knokke-Zoute, Belgium), Nice and Fit (Berlin, Germany), Peritechnon (Athens, Greece), Qbox (Athens, Greece), Rebecca Camhi (Athens, Greece), Rodeo (Istanbul, Turkey), Skoufa (Athens, Greece), SpazioA (Pistoia, Italy), Thanassis Frissiras (Athens, Greece), The Breeder (Athens, Greece), The Flat – Massimo Carasi (Milan, Italy), TinT (Thessaloniki, Greece), Titanium Yiayiannos (Athens, Greece), Transit (Mechelen, Belgium), Tsatsis Projects, Artforum (Thessaloniki, Greece), Valentina Bonomo Roma (Rome, Italy), vamiali’s (Athens, Greece), Zina Athanassiadou (Thessaloniki, Greece).

Cultural foundations, art publishers and the media will also have a strong presence at ART-ATHINA 2010. Among the participating ones are: Agra Publications, AICA Hellas, AKTO, artAZ, ARTeSHOP, Atelier Spyros Vassiliou, Athens Voice, Atopos Cultural Organization, Benaki Museum, Cube Art Editions, Deree, DESTE Foundation, Diatton Publications, Gallery Guide, Greek Art Institute, Hellenic American Union, Highlights, House of Cyprus, Hydra School Projects, Institute Mohamed Ali, Kunsthalle Athena, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Melissa Publications, Minas Chatzichristou – Fine Art Conservation, Motto Distribution, Museum of Greek Children’s Act, Museum of Photography- Thessaloniki, National Gallery, National Theatre – Common View, Nereus Publishers, Ozon, Pergamos – Adam Editions, Quintessentially, State Museum of Contemporary Art, The Art Newspaper – Greek edition, Vakalo College, Velvet magazine, Yatzer.

ART-ATHINA 2010 will once more be hosted at the Faliro Pavilion (TaeKwonDo), which was transformed last year into a sparkling islet of art for four days leaving all visitors and participants with the best impressions.

The internationally acclaimed fair was established in 1993 by the Hellenic Art Galleries Association with a view to showcase a selection of contemporary artworks produced by established as well as young Greek and foreign artists; to provide the grounds for intriguing dialogue concerning the arts and the new art trends worldwide; to familiarize the Greek audience with the developments in the art world and to open channels of communication with the international art scene. Each year, an ever growing number of ART-ATHINA fans –famous artists, prominent art critics, important collectors and keen art lovers– arrive from all over the world to visit the fair and transform Athens into a vibrant art scene for a few days.

This year, the Hellenic Art Galleries Association’s board of directors, the general director of ART-ATHINA Alexandros J. Stanas, and, the organising company, are scheduling a series of novelty events, as well as a parallel programme that will embrace the whole city. By visiting you can always be informed and updated about the fair’s programme.

ART-ATHINA 2010 will host the parallel exhibition Greek ArtistsBooks: Contemporary Artworks and Editions curated by Maria A. Angeli, offering visitors the opportunity to view books that are artworks themselves. The aim of the exhibition is to shed light on this –not very widely known– aspect of artistic production and to introduce the artists’ books in the art market. It will showcase books/artworks that focus on an idea, an obsession or a code. Some of them are a way of recording or commenting on an artistic project, or even a way for it to become autonomous or transformed. These books often become a visual narration; they relate speech to image in order to produce knowledge beyond language, while their message depends on the form or the content. They sometimes let the artists express themselves in a different –maybe more intimate or personal– way, they unveil the discourse of a group of artists in the progress of creating a collective book, and simultaneously encourage the visitor’s participation and creativity. Artists’ books invite their “readers” to a journey cover to cover, to a subversive and emotional reading. Hidden meanings, imaginative structures, a variety of materials, sizes and forms, condensed artistic articulation in unique books or multiples, are only a fragment of what the international visitors of ART-ATHINA will enjoy this year. Among the participating artists are: Alexis Akrithakis, Dimitris Alithinos, Stephen Antonakos, Dimitrios Antonitsis, Manolis Charos, Dimitris Condos, Alexandros Georgiou, George Hadjimichalis, Zoe Keramea, Nikos Kryonidis, Margarita Lypiridou, Katerina Manolessou, Despina Meimaroglou, MSAZ, Kyrillos Sarris, Panayiotis Terzis, Eleni Theofilaktou, Giorgos Tserionis, Dimitris Tsoumplekas, Antonis Vathis. The exhibition is produced by ART-ATHINA.

Within its parallel programme, ART-ATHINA 2010 will host Jannis and Zoe Spyropoulos Foundation and the Spyropoulos Awards which are annually awarded to two young artists under the age of 30. The exhibition will showcase the work of the eight artists who have been honoured with the award since 2006 as well as photographs of the work of all the artists that have received the award since it was established. The foundation is now celebrating its 20th anniversary and the visitors will be informed about the wide range of its activities. Jannis and Zoe Spyropoulos Foundation is also delighted to announce a new award, the Vassilis J. Valambous Award, which will be awarded every two years to post-graduate art students up to the age of 35. The donation supporting financially the Vassilis J. Valambous Award comes from his children in memory of the great collector.

The Swiss company Motto Distribution specializing in the distribution of art publications all over the world will also be part of ART-ATHINA 2010 showcasing selected artists’ books, magazines and international art publications.

ART-ATHINA goes to attica this year! The department store gets inspiration from art and leads the market once more by creating a shop window dedicated to the international contemporary art fair ART-ATHINA 2010. From 26 April to 15 May fashion and art meet at a unique window display which will be adored both by demanding fashionistas as well as by art lovers.

The art bookstore Eleftheroudakis will also be present at ART-ATHINA 2010 with a wide selection of art books, as well as Benaki Museum’s art shop.

The International Honorary Board of ART-ATHINA 2010, consisting of prominent personalities from the international art scene, has a view to promote the Athens fair internationally. Members of the board are: Paolo Colombo (Art Advisor, Istanbul Modern), Wilfried Cooreman (Collector, Belgium), Agnes Fierobe (Director of Marian Goodman Gallery, Paris), Enrique Juncosa (Director of Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin), Mercedes Vilardell (Collector, Spain)

Many collectors and prominent personalities of the international art scene have already accepted the invitation by the VIP programme of ART-ATHINA 2010 and apart from the fair they will have the opportunity to visit private collections and museums in Athens. At the same time, the reciprocal patrons’ programme with Art Dubai and Art Rotterdam is creating an itinerary spanning Europe and the Middle East which enforces dialogue on art issues as well as enhances the art market within a programme of reciprocal invitations.

ART-ATHINA 2010 has organised a special event to host the members of the International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art (IKT), the conference of which will take place in Athens during the days of the fair.

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