Cruise to the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus – Oedipus Rex

Saturday July 10, 2010 sail from Athens to Ancient Epidaurus by boat, enjoy a dinner, cruise and theater package for the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus performance of Oedipus Rex by Sophocles
Your journey starts from Zea Marina in Piraeus on board the “Mantalena” where you will enjoy snacks and drinks from the bar  before arriving at the old port of Epidaurus in time to transfer to the famous theatre and enjoy the play.  Return transfers to the ship and a cruise back to Athens enjoying dinner and music from the DJ will make this a truly wonderful night to remember.

The cost is 130 euro per person which includes Cruise & Ticket with face value of €25.00 (Lower tier, non-numbered seats), Welcome drink, Buffet Dinner, Service, D.J. set, Bus transfer to / from the ancient theater, VAT. Drinks & snacks available onboard, to be paid directly by participants. Limited number of €45.00 theater tickets are also available at a surcharge of €20.00.

Bookings can be made by return e-mail to  Your booking for the cruise will be confirmed only once payment has been processed.  Availability is strictly on first-come, first-served basis.  Please state clearly which play/s you are booking and the full names of people attending as this is required for the Port Authorities.

About the Performance, which will be in Greek

The Spyros A. Evangelatos Amphitheatre will present the greatest work of all the Sophoclean tragedies, Oedipus Rex (420 BC). 

In his search for Laius‘ killer — whom the Delphic Oracle has declared is polluting Thebes and bringing a catastrophic plague upon the city — King Oedipus uncovers the thread that links his life to the curse of the House of Laius. 

Spyros Evangelatos notes: “It is perhaps the most important theatrical text to have survived from Antiquity. Humankind stands before fate, confronts it and is crushed. But this annihilation is marked by an incomparable dignity. The benevolence of the divine is called into question, and the unending efforts of humankind to answer timeless metaphysical questions reigns supreme. It is furthermore an exquisitely plotted text filled with agonising twists” 





Translation: K. C. Myris, Direction: Spyros A. Evangelatos,

Set & Costume design: Yorgos Patsas, Music: Yiannis Anastassopoulos

Featuring as Oedipus: Konstantinos Markoulakis, and as Jocasta: Karofyllia Karambeti