Mad About Michael? Free Tribute Concert July 27, 2010

MAD TV brings together an great line-up of Euro stars on Tuesday, July 27th in a free concert tribute to Michael Jackson at Technopolis (Gazi). Artists who will be covering Jackson’s musical life include a HELENA PAPARIZOU, as well as Onirama, Tamta, Melisses, Kokkina Khalia, and Vegas. Paparizou is best known for successfully representing Greece in the 2005 Eurovision song contest, and has continued on her path of fame and success.

Onirama is a Greek pop rock band that has had a number of hits in Greece. They are known for their wide range of music, and party-like concerts and have toured with Antonis Remos, collaborated with Haris Alexiou, and are on tour this summer with Helena Paparizou in Greece.

Melisses is an up and coming Greek pop rock band, that has had a hit on the Top 10 of Greek charts for 3 months. Melisses competed to represent Greece in the 2010 Eurovision song contest with their song “Kinezos”.

Tamta is a Georgian pop singer, famous in Greece and Cyprus for her participation in Super Idol Greece (in which she placed second),and for her later singles such as “Ftes” (Faraway, originally performed by Gala), “Den Telionei Etsi I Agapi” and “Agapise Me”

Mad Fanatics by What’s Up – Michael Jackson tribute
Μια μεγάλη συναυλία / αφιέρωμα στον Michael Jackson
Τρίτη 27 Ιουλίου στις 20.00 στην Τεχνόπολη
Special guest η Έλενα Παπαρίζου
Flash mob powered and dj set by THRILL ATHENS
Εισοδος Ελευθερη!!!
MAD Αbout Michael Jackson!
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