Travel to Monastiraki with the birds of Greece

The Greek Ornithological Society welcomes you to a unique photo exhibition “Travelling with Birds. ”

And you don’t have to travel up to the Wetlands area in Ilion to see it – you’ll find the birds have traveled down to the city center, Monastiraki specifically, and you can check them out while sipping a cool drink and taking a break from the heat of the day.  You’ll find them at Kolokotronis 25, in the Stoa Praxitelis.

The exhibition presents the wonderful world of birds with striking photos from the wild in Greece. The exhibition recalls the importance of protecting wildlife and their habitats and the need to enable us all to ensure a sustainable environment for birds and for humans.

Exhibition opening : Thursday, July 8th , 20:30
Duration: July 8 – September 5
Hours : Monday to Saturday 10.00 – 22.00 , Sunday 20.00-22.00