Acropolis Full Moon and Concert

Full Moon Festival, originally uploaded by greek58.

In addition to experiencing the Parthenon under the light of the silver moon, this August 24, 2010 visitors to the Acropolis Museum will also be treated to a concert at 9 PM. The museum will be open until midnight and admission is free.
If my past visits are any indication, it WILL be crowded at the museum and at the archeological site – but this is a once a year experience that is worth braving the crowds for. Go early, but be prepared to wait, and plan on not finding anything open to eat by the time you finish your walk around the Parthenon … so be sure to bring snacks and water.
Of course if you are really brave, aim to get a table at the museum cafe – it will be open with the regular (really price friendly) menu and serving up until midnight. If you can get a table, it will be a great place from which to admire the Parthenon as the ancients did.