This week at laiki ….

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I love the farmer’s market in Athens. I try to go at least once a week when I’m here and I often challenge myself to buy something I’ve never seen before. Usually I’m able to query the seller and get some idea about what I’ve bought and how to prepare it … Alas, today I am lost. I bought something the seller called “bitter zuchinni” (in Greek πικρό κολοκυθακι).
I’ve no clue what it is nor how to prepare it.
A bottle of ouzo or masticha (or a kosher Vienna pure beef hot dog if you’re Greek and in Athens over Labor Day weekend) to the person who can guide me in preparing and enjoying this unusual, bitter tasting veggie.

4 thoughts on “This week at laiki ….”

    • Hey Eric, Thanks for that! It is even more surprising given the laiki market where I found it … anyway, I’m going to start looking for a good curry recipe to to make it while I ponder who else but I would have actually bought it at the market.
      By the way, where are you, I owe you a prize.

      • Wow you were serious. I am very unhappy that I am not there to claim my winnings! I’ll be back at Pasxa so I might contact you out of the blue at that time! I agree that it is not the most typical… vegetable? fruit? I have never seen anything so adventurous at our laiki in Pangrati. I’m in new York and have a lovely market in Union Square by my flat, but nothing like Athens’!

        I would be intrigued to see what you did with the bitter melon. Congratulations on your sense of adventure!

        On another note, this really is a great site which makes me feel in touch with Athens.

        • I actually found this at the Tuesday Laiki in Pagrati. I’ve not seen at either of the Friday Pagrati markets. It got stir fried, with alot of chiles (yes, I actually found a nice selection of truly hot peppers that day as well. I must stay that “fire” is something I really miss here in Greece.
          When you are back in Athens contact me to collect your prize!

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