Athens Concert benefits MDM in Greece and abroad



And you, if you attend, because you get to see a fabulous lineup of Greek performers.
Head to the Petra Festival on September 24, 2010 and you’ll be celebrating and supporting the 20 years of work by Doctors of the World Greece ( and getting a chance to hear and see some amazing Greek musical performers.

  • Evanthia Reboutsika and Panagiotis Kalantzopoulos along with ….
  • Natasa Theodoridou
  • Vangelis Korakakis
  • Dilek Koc
  • Giota Nega
  • Palyrria
  • Angelos Papadimitriou
  • Ellie Paspala
  • Marios Strofalis
  • and the Chalkentera Fonta Jannine …

    And who knows who else might show up or be added by the time September 24 rolls around?


    Tickets: 12 euros

    Student: 7 euros

    Tickets are available beginning September 1 at : Public (Syntagma Square) and Metropolis


    Access – General Information


    Theater Petra is 18 km . from the airport ( 25 minutes ) is very close to the northern suburbs ( 15 minutes ) , just 20 minutes from Omonia Square .


  • Vouliagmeni – Avenue – Hamosternas – Holy Road – Thebes Petersburg
  • Highway to Dove / Ilion – Papandreou – East . Rumelia
  • Lenorman – P. Tsaldaris – Thebes – Petersburg
  • Attiki Odos Avenue exit Republic
  • Parking
  • The Petra Theater has its own huge parking lot parking. Buses


    San Antonio – 700 Avenue Line ended at Petra Theatre


    If you do not have your own means of transport, buses A11 , B11 , 717 Square Vathis, take you half an hour, right next to them theatro.Ta bus pass next to the train station square in Athens , where you get and all subway lines . On Holy Friday – Halandri – northern suburbs, taking the civil route 421 to Piraeus, and change the square of St. Anargyroi the A11 or B11 . The same change is if you leave from Piraeus to the northern suburbs of the lines 705 and 420 Piraeus – Egaleo the civil service 703, Thebes change at the end of the A11 or B11