Surfing in Athens? For free, too!

Where to find Free WiFi in Athens

Did you know that the city of Athens provides free public WiFi access at several points in the city center? The great thing about this is that residents and visitors alike can surf the internet for free, and speeds are actually pretty darn fast, too!

•Syntagma Square
•Kotzia Square (on Athenas Avenue, between the central market and Omonia Square – across the street from City Hall – okay, perhaps in all honesty I might not feel so great sitting with my laptop in this square, it is in a pretty “colorful” area … but if you are staying in the area there are some cafes along the side of the square where you may be a little less conspicuous with your laptop)
•Thissio (a much better choice in my opinion for surfing al fresco is the Thissio area, love Cafe Chocolat for their desserts and their views. And though our Athens Heritage House has free WiFi for our guests, sometimes it can be fun to hang out in a cafe and surf, so this is a fine choice for folks staying in the Heritage House or anywhere in the Thissio area)

There’s also allegedly free WiFi in  Technopolis in Gazi.

•At ” Technopolis ”
•Keramikos Square
•Korean Market Square (Metaxourgiou)

Access is very simple, just follow the steps shown on your internet browser when you link to th city of Athens network on your laptop or smart phone.

Wireless connectivity is very fast, while the capacity of each service area is from 4Mbps up to 24Mbs depending .