A different kind of Fashion Week in Athens

“Greek Women Traditional Costume” – An exhibition of Amalia Liachni’s work

Yep, it is Fashion Week in Athens – but if contemporary apparrel isn’t an interest, but you’re in Athens between October 18 – 29, 2010, perhaps you’re more interested in taken a stroll through the exhibition “Greek Women Traditional Costume” Amalia Liachni, which will be presented by the Cultural Organization of Athens at the Cultural Centre.

From his student years of the artist, the simple pencil sketch gave way to a series of projects, where small pieces of stamps were synthesized on glass to provide color in early childhood literary heroes and later inspired by famous paintings and mosaics.
On the person-oil paintings in the series of works of “Romance”, “Movement and Harmony” and “Musical Instruments”, alternating darkness of sorrow and despair of images of war and refugees in the light of joy in life, art and creation. Furthermore, the need to return to art, unspoiled by time, values and struggle to maintain our cultural identity, led the author to a traditional transfer patterns in tables, based on the silk fabric, but the latter collection of “Traditional Costumes. Greeks from all corners of our country, figouraroun with their traditional costumes, which Amalia Liachni has performed with respect to the original and attention to detail and color.

About artist
Liachni Amalia, was born in Thessaloniki, Drama, and grew up living permanently in Athens. He chose to abandon the dream decorating course, to devote to her family. Historically, however, the painting was a piece of her life. He has had 5 exhibitions and has participated in several group exhibitions.

Exhibition Opening: Monday, October 18, 2010, 19:30
City of Athens Cultural Center-Hall Iakovidis:
Academias 50, tel: 210 36 21 1601
Hours: Monday to Saturday 10.00-20.00 and 10.00-14.00 Sunday