Marathon-Mania: New 2 euro coin issued for Greece

The Central Bank of Greece issued a new €2 euro commemorative coin -“2.500th anniversary of the Battle of Marathon” today. The coin commemorates the 2,500th anniversary of the Battle of Marathon. The center of the coin shows a composite of a shield and a runner/warrior representing the struggle for freedom and the noble ideals that the Battle of Marathon stands for. The bird on the shield symbolises the birth of Western civilization in its present form.

There’s 2.5 million being issued, and it seems they’re available online for … e2.90. The .90 is the “premium” you pay so you don’t have to buy a whole roll. Of course if you are in Athens this week you can pop into the Bank of Greece on Panepistimio and buy a roll for 50 euro (valued at 2 euro each). My friend Jenice got a roll and will be bringing them back as gifts for running friends who didn’t join her here in Athens for the Marathon (thanks for the tip!)

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  1. See, I do read your blog-and I’m on my way tot he post office to get one of the coins. They were beginning to set up tents in front of the stadium this morning (Tuesday).

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