Sounion to Athens by bus

Lots of folks write to ask me about the bus from Athens to Sounion and back. Since I’ve always driven there, and since I think the logical way to go there is by car (either renting a car yourself or hiring a driver), I’ve never paid much attention to how to get there or back by public KTEL bus. However, since it seems to still be a frequent question, particularly how late you can catch a bus back to Athens, I thought I’d add a post about getting back from Sounion, since it was easy enough to snap a photo of the bus schedule when I was visiting the Temple of Poseidon in October 2010.

Note that there are two routes: one goes coastal, the other inland. I know that at least one of those buses starts in Athens at Plateia Aigyptou (or Egyptou). This is the square near where Patission & Alexandros street meet, sort of kaddy corner from the entrance to the park, or across the street from the Park Hotel. Perhaps someone reading this can let us know if this is both the coastal and the inland bus stop or if there is anyplace else where travelers can catch this bus in central Athens to head south to Cape Sounion.

Of course the advantage of renting a car or a car and driver is that you can take your time, enjoy the sunset if you so choose, but most important, so you can stop for “paidakia” (lamb chops) in Kalyvia and / or great gelato in Lavrio.

2 thoughts on “Sounion to Athens by bus”

  1. I could have taken a bus if my intention is to just get a first hand view of the many ruins at Athens but seeing the possibility of great food like ““paidakia” (lamb chops) in Kalyvia and / or great gelato in Lavrio” I would surely rent a car and manage my time there. For me, touring places is always a balance of all the senses, the sight, the feel, the smell, the sound and most of all, the taste.

  2. The Paidakia looks sumptuous. I would love to rent a car and enjoy the road trip, sceneries, and most of all the food at a leisurely pace. I don’t have to worry getting left behind by the bus.

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