Ladokola, the plateless place

Once upon a time, many Greek restaurants didn’t use plates. Food was served on waxed paper sheets called “ladokola”. Ladokolla taverna on Imittou Street is a great place to experience this dying tradition. There are no plates at Ladokola, orders of grilled meat are brought to the table and strategically placed in the middle, so everyone can share. It’s a fun, family friendly atmosphere, and one of the best budget finds outside of the Plaka. Probably one of the few places where a family of 4 can eat in a full service restaurant for around 50 euro (without alcohol). Most of the servers are young and friendly with moderate to excellent English and the atmosphere is best in the large “screen porch” that wraps around the two story building. Cartoons adorn the walls with funny expressions in Greek, amuse yourselves by asking your server to translate and explain a few!
Ladokolla is located at the corner of Imittou (or Ymittou) Street and Chiou, two short blocks east of Formionos Street, on the border between Pagrati, Kaisargianni and University Town.

Ymittou 46