Bouzoukia & Club Schedule Athens Winter 2011

Please note these are the Winter 2010-2011 line-ups, new schedule for 2011-2012 is coming on November 10, 2011!

Finally!!!I am pretty certain that you’ll like the new format, and hopefully using it will help me keep folks up to date on who is playing where in Athens. I’ve struggled with finding a good format to keep the calendar updated, and finally have something I think we’ll all like.
The table below lists many Athens’ clubs, bouzoukias, “pistes” (mega clubs, kind of like Vegas style night clubs, only Greek style!) as well as a smattering of restaurants with live music and other places you’ll find live music in Athens.
How to search
At the upper right corner of the table you’ll find a box. Use this to filter down if you are looking for something or someone specific. For example, if you are looking for Anna Vissi, just type in Vissi and you’ll get a revised table. If you are looking for places in Pagrati, type that in the search box and you’ll find only those places. Perhaps you want to know who has live music on Monday nights, type in Monday. I think you get the idea!
You can also alphabetize and resort the columns if you’d like. Use the arrows at the bottom right of the table to move to the next section of the table.
A note about the data – it’s compiled from press releases I get as well as Athinorama, a Greek Athens weekly and random posters I keep tabs on as they appear on the streets of Athens. Sometimes things do change, as do prices. So please, use the phone and double check before making plans. And let me know if I’m missing something or I’ve got something wrong.

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10 thoughts on “Bouzoukia & Club Schedule Athens Winter 2011”

  1. Just stumbled across your website and had to thank you for compiling and publishing this info. I noticed that the listed Bouzoukia and Club Schedules are for Winter 2011. Is the info typically still current/valid in the Fall? I’ll be visiting Greece (again!) in September and would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see Sfak, whom I have not yet seen in the US or Canada. (When I was planning my trip to Greece in November 2009, I rearranged my return so that I could fly in to Vegas just in time for his performance there, but alas, he cancelled due to health reasons.) Do you have any current info/tips that you can share? I’ve never been to the bouzoukia or clubs in Greece. Again, many thanks!!!

    • Hi Gelia
      I generally only publish this once or twice a year in the fall and winter, since there aren’t too many places open during the summer (things move out to the south suburbs and islands – i’m primarily focused on downtown Athens). It is still a bit early for September, and most don’t reopen until October/November but I’ll see if I can find anything out. When are you going to be in Athens?

      • Thank you! I appreciate your help and kind offer, Athens Guide.

        I’m not planning to spend much time in Athens this year, but I will likely be there at the very end of August and again around the 20th of September. My plans are malliable, though… and I can arrange to pass thru Athens as I move from one island to another.

        Do you have any recommendations for finding out via the web (1) if and where Sfakianakis will be performing in September and (2) what performers will be in the areas I plan to visit?

        Last year, I noticed posters for performers that I would have been interested in seeing, but the performance dates had just passed. (I think I missed one in Kalamata by just one night!)

        If I know about performances in advance, I can arrange my travel and arrival dates accordingly.

        Again, many thanks for your help and insight. I very much appreciate it!

        • I don’t know of any sites that give the calendar for the whole country – unfortunately Sfakianakis’ website and FB page don’t list his performances. I’ll keep looking for him as i’m collecting the calendar for the fall club and music schedule in Athens and if I find anything I’ll post it here for you.

  2. I am also very interested in finding out who will be performing in Athens or Glyfada around September 22. Bougas? Terzis? Sfak? Mitropano? Ploutarxos? Melas?
    I’ve never been to the bouzoukia in Greece and would really like to go this time.


  3. Wow this is a fantastic website. Congrats to you for creating it I will be telling all my friends and family. I would like to ask if you have the bouzoukia schedule for winter 2011-2012. I am going early next year and would like to see some singers while I’m in Athens. It would be great if u could let me know when it will be available. Thank you

    • Thanks Yanna – I will be posting the new bouzoukia calendar in the next two weeks. If you subscribe to posts you will get an email when I post the new calendar, as well as emails for any special events that might be of interest when you are in Greece.

  4. Hi, great website. I am visiting Athens in December and am looking forward to viewing the bouzoukia schedule for 2011-2012.

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