Where is George?

It seems that every day a large number of visitors come to my website looking for information on upcoming George Dalaras concerts. Sometimes they come looking for Yorgos, or Giorgos or Ntalara, even יורגוס דלאראס and just today: йоргос даларас (impressively Google properly backtranslated it for me from the Russian: Giorgos Dalaras) concerts and performances. Since I generally post this information as soon as I find it, the absence of any at this point is a pretty clear indication that I’ve no clue where George is. But since do feel a little compelled to at least share what I know, even though it won’t help those in Athens currently or planning on visiting Athens in the near future, I thought I’d let you know that my assumption is he is hard at working completing the Kavafis Project. It’s something he’s be collaborating on with composer Alexandros Karozas for a number of years, and finally 2011 will see its premiere. Sadly, it won’t premiere in Athens, but rather in Vienna, at the Vienna Koncerthaus on November 26, 2011.

Stay tuned though, because I’m still on the lookout for George appearances in Greece in 2011 and as soon as I learn anything, you’ll read about it here. Until then, you can enjoy a bit of last winter’s show at Polis Stage: