Family accommodations in Athens?

Greek Vacation Rentals is the premier provider of furnished short term rentals and self catering apartments in downtown Athens, Greece.
Our homes are ranked #1 on TripAdvisor and we’re proud to say that after opening our homes for 8 years, many of our original guests are returning for repeat visits (even though they thought that their first trip to Greece would be a once in a lifetime trip).
What makes us so special? Of course our homes are clean, comfortable, in a safe location and walking distance to the Acropolis & other sites travelers like to visit, but it is our attention to detail, our insight into knowing what families need (because we’ve been a family of travelers), knowing what couples traveling together want (because we’ve traveled with other couples) and knowing that special something that makes the trip headache free for the person who is responsible for planning it (that would probably be you, the person reading this).
And just because I need this post to match the photo: we are still among the only homes in Athens with a full size clothes washer & clothes dryer. I know, you’re thinking, like my Greek husband did at first: 360 days of sunshine and you want to install clothes dryers? Guess what: You just might be in Athens with wet laundry on one of those 5 sunshine-less days. Why risk that? :-)
Sure, you’ll find a lot of nice looking apartments for short term rental in Athens. Check them out, and then check in with us – you will be personally pleased with your choice, but you’ll also be the true Greek hero to your traveling companions.