Personalize your travel guide

Every time I plan a trip to a new city I find myself overwhelmed by the choice of guidebooks. So many to choose from, and way to many to lug around in my backpack.  Add to that the abundance of travel information available on the Internet and often I find myself suffering from information overload.  In my dream world I long for a clean drop down list of all the possible highlights of my destination city, something I can just click through, selecting items of interest, ignoring that which doesn’t strike my fancy.  Why do I need to haul around a book full of hotel listings when my accommodations have already been selected?  Who needs 10 pages of out of date restaurant suggestions?  Sometimes I just wish there were a way to compile all of the various tidbits I’ve collected and print them out as one handy, lightweight personal travel guide for my personal use.

Well, I think I’ve just stumbled upon something that just might do the trick.  Offbeat Guides lets me choose my destination city, my travel dates and generates a clean, easy to read guide just for me.  By including my dates I can even find out about events that are happening during my stay.  And before finalizing my order, I can review my book, omitting sections that aren’t important for my specific vacation.

The book costs $24.95 and they even offer gift certificates for the traveler in your life.

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