Or just another reason for booking a vacation rental on your next trip…

At first I thought it was a joke when I heard this women on the radio this morning talking about frying an egg on the iron in her hotel room.  But as she was explaining how to prop the iron upside down between two bath towels, I decided to Google “hotel room cooking” and I was utterly amazed at the number of hits and links the search engine returned.

This first video was pretty amazing – tortillini, boiled in the water kettle, mixed with creme fraiche, garlic, greens and topped with a raw egg? Homemade English muffins grilled on the iron? It all sounds lovely, but what about the next guest who wants hot water for coffee or needs to iron a shirt?

Hey George, why not book a furnished vacation with a real kitchen? In most cases and in most places, furnished self-catering apartments cost the same as a hotel of equal standard, but allow you to place your dough in a warm oven to rise and bake and let you save the iron for for your clothes (and the clothes of the next guest).

I realize that George isn’t your typical traveler, making homemade bread isn’t on everyone’s “must do in my hotel room” list. So I clicked on a few more links and discovered that cooking the basics a hotel room is actually quite popular. Those water kettles seem to be a favorite for everything from Raman Noodles to oatmeal. Irons are often used for frying eggs and bacon. And checkout this Lemon Pepper Chicken dish made in a coffee maker.

Why oh why would anyone want to go to these extremes when it’s so simple to just seek out a furnished short term rental for your stay? But even more important, why oh why would you want to stay in a hotel room after someone has used your iron do cook a grilled cheese sandwich, your hot water kettle for making oatmeal, your coffee pot for soft raman noodles and coffee filter basket to steam cauliflower.

Why not just find yourself a REAL kitchen? (And enjoy the extra space, living area and amenities that you’ll find in even the most basic furnished rental apartment!)