New Discoveries in Athens

It feels like months since I’ve written anything new on Part of the problem I face is that it feels like when I’m in Athens I get so (happily) busy. My Athena is so full of distractions that once you find your way off the beaten path it seems to never end. My days are filled with trapsing through relatively unknown (or at least unvisited by the typical tourist) archeological sites and museums and winding down side streets where tourists dare not venture, scared off by internet warnings and graffitti, my nights spent searching out that perfect little hidden taverna or the ultimate “must try” Greek dish that by the time I’ve returned home I’m stuffed and just too tired to face the keyboard. Alas, it has come time to face it and in the coming days I’ll be posting a fresh list of my latest Athens discoveries. Watch out for my report about a visit to the northeastern edge of Attica, where pilgrims once journeyed to commune with an oracle near a sacred spring, visit an Attica winery where Sunday brunch is served alongside some really terrific organic Greek wine. Find out where an Egyptian pyramid once stood near the sea only 40 minutes from Athens followed by an amazing peaceful, meaningful historical and archeological site, in a spectacular setting above the sea which you won’t find in your run of the mill guidebook.. If your more interested in exploring only where your feet will carry you, come back for tips on shopping the back streets of Athens, away from the Plaka, for affordable gifts to take home as edible souveniers, and back on the beaten path I’ll share the most splendid secret view Athens have to offer, accompanied by a perfectly simple Athenian lunch. And speaking of food: watch for a report on our loukoumades quest (the advantage of Athens in winter is that these are the ultimate winter comfort sweet, served warm, drizzled in honey, sprinkled with cinnamon. And just when you think you can no longer take another souvlaki or moussaka, I’ll share my newest discovery, Chinese food in Athens as good as China (according to my friends who used to live there and turned me on to this place).

And when your feet can carry you no further, look for my report on Athens’ quirkiest spa pedicure!
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