Do I need trip insurance for my vacation?

Unexpected events happen in life! Do not let them ruin your vacation. We have, unfortunately, heard some sad cancellation stories this year, no one plans to get sick, lose a loved one or be forced to cancel because of work. But sometimes interruptions occur that one would never imagine – weather related delays, lost luggage, missed connections … anything can happen to cause the best made plans to go wrong. And after 7 years in the vacation rental business, I can tell you it DOES happen.
Last year a volcano cloud shut down all of Europe, and travelers were stuck all over the place (although the Athens airport remained open during the volcano eruption, inbound and outbound flights to & from many places were impacted). Those who purchased insurance received refunds, those who didn’t lost not only their holiday, but the money they’d paid for it.

PLEASE protect yourself.
There are a number of trip insurance companies that can protect your vacation investment. Search rates from several reputable companies on this website. They each have their own policies and coverage and there are probably many others out there. Get a quote to see how affordable it really is.