Where to find information on transportation in Greece

Getting around in Greece

In Athens

Athens Metro Map

Athens Airport Metro Schedule

Athens Metro Tickets

Athens Trolleys Tickets for these are the same as those used on the metro. These are the purple & yellow buses with antennas, not to be confused with:

Athens Buses – these are blue and antenna-less

Athens Tram

Private drivers in Athens

Information on Athens transportation strikes, closures & rerouting

Traveling around Greece

Transportation beyond Athens

Private taxi transfers to and from the airport

By bus

Express buses

Airport express bus to downtown Athens

Χ95 : Syntagma to Athens International Airport

Airport express bus to or from Port of Pireaus

Χ96 : Pireaus Port to Athens International Airport

Airport Express Bus from Kifisso Long Distance Bus Station to Airport

Χ93 : Kifissos KTEL (long-distance buses) Station to Athens International Airport

By train

Athens to Thessaloniki by train – Just 9 euro one way!

By ferry or hydrofoil